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A Beauty Who Makes You Climb the Walls

Welcome to our first post of  GEEK OF THE WEEK.

Here we post Acts and Artists who we feel have a special talent and seriousness that makes them great to work with.

And yes, we’ll explain why this Geek is different than any other. So keep reading, if you’d like, an interview she did with our assistant Dakota Kim. Make sure to see all the pictures and watch the video.

GEEK OF THE WEEK is KAREN, Gorgeous Wall and Air Dancer

Beautiful Dancer and Creative Force KAREN

Karen in a Couple, Hanging there...

Because she’s not only a beautiful wall-climber, she’s a dancer and choreographer with a captivating grace and artistry. She has not only founded her own aerial dance company, but she has danced with Pilobolus, been featured in De La Guarda, and danced at the Academy Awards – while climbing 20 story buildings and bungee-jumping with grace almost double that. And she takes her team of a dozen dancers with her.

She can do product launches, industrials, trade shows, and wow-pow print. She can make dance floor wow at large parties, direct after dinner shows for meetings and her work offers great appeal for international audiences.


Climbing toward heaven

Dancing and Climbing

How would you describe what you do?
It’s a visceral, innovative combination of dance and aerial performance, performing for both corporate and concert venues throughout the world. Our performances range from grand aerial dancing on the outside of 40 foot skyscrapers to intimate, character-driven theatrical venues….and everything in between!

What’s one of your favorite acts you’ve done?
We just returned from Johannesburg, South Africa where we flipped, soared, and spun among the audience.  We interact with the audience, and that is always fun.  Breaking down the 4th wall to have truly a unique experience.

Did you learn dance and aerial separately?

After I left De La Guarda, I moved to San Fran to begin my own company, developed show and pieces for free and brought the show here to New York, with my skill and the marriage between the two art forms. I like to think of what I do as dance that just happens to be in the air….

What do you love most about performing?
The pure being in the moment. Nothing else matters except what is being experienced. A full immersion — that’s when life happens.

Some more info for you!:
GROUNDED Aerial Mission statement:
Why we exist- to actualize a client’s visions with excitement, uniqueness, and expertise while bringing it into a reality.
We achieve this by:  collaboration, choosing from our massive (NYC) talent pool, and pure creative ingenuity with both choreography choices and rigging possibilities.

Where can GROUNDED Aerial be utilized?

•    Product Launches
•    Fundraisers and charity events
•    Fashion shows
•    Corporate meetings (kickoffs, opening nights, presentations, recognition events)
•    Musical concerts (all genres)
•    Grand openings
•    Award shows
•    Exhibitions
•    Entertainment Galas and Parties
•    Sports marketing
In other words- an instant, innovative, and fresh uniqueness will be associated with any type of  event.  And we’ll be sure to work directly with your vision to focus and develop your particular purpose.

What makes them different?
•    Tailored performances to the client’s vision and/or use of our extensive varying pieces in our performance repitoire
•     Collaborative process with the clients: incorporate the companies  marketing strategy
•    work with the marketing department to blend aspects of their branding
•    bring a higher level of artistry to the event…real dancer/artists- not only entertainers
•    true characters in each performance with plot and through line
•    visceral audience interaction and participatory experiences

Why is this of value to your organization?
We celebrate who you are, and literally bring it to a higher level.  Whether you are celebrating with a party or launching a new product, GROUNDED Aerial will collaborate with and guide you to actualize your vision and produce an unforgettable event.

•    Increase revenue (ticket sales) for the event (due to aerial excitement!)
•    Make your product more memorable
•    Entertainment for impressing important clients
•    Give an “underground” fresh feeling to your product
•    Peak interest of curious investors
•    Raise awareness of your product
•    Have a lasting impression with your clients
•    Literally “taking it to the next level”
•    totally unique, tailored experience