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Bach Goes Cajun

Sean Grissom is a cute, charismatic, tweedy, talkative and talented cellist who takes the already engrossing cello and kicks it up a notch with Cajun tweaking. Many classical musicians will just come to your event, play and leave with nary a word. Sean Grissom will charm everyone at your event from your antsy 4-year-old niece to your overworked, bored businessman.

Internationally known as “the Cajun Cellist,” Sean has performed his unique brand of Country, Cajun, Classical , Swing, and Rock music from the streets and subways of New York City to the concert halls of Europe and the Far East.  “O’Cello” – his hit one-man show – runs the gamut of musical tastes and vaudeville humor.

Witness his genius here.

Sean can also make his cello FANDANGO!

No stranger to the Kennedy Center, Sean has performed as part of the Open House, as well as hosting a ‘Holiday Vaudeville’ show on the Millenium Stage for the past 6 years, and has been a Visiting Artist.

Sean has produced and released eight recordings – his latest being a 20th Anniversary Edition of his first recording “From The Street”.  He has published over 10 original compositions under his “Solo Cello Encore Series”, and an improvisation book “What! For Cello?”.  He is also a popular lecturer, teacher, and clinician.

He holds a B.F.A. degree in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, a Masters in Music Performance from Hunter College (he studied with Channing Robbins of the Juilliard School), as well as an A.A.S degree in Graphics and Advertising from the Parsons School of Design, and completed the Teacher Training program in the ‘Suzuki Approach’ at the School for Strings.

Sean is so appropriate for almost any event, from the most staid of settings to the shock and awe stage. He would be perfect with a quartet or quintet of musicians or on his own, wooing the crowd with his words. So why not let him regale your guests and make even the most cynical ones crack a smile at his unassuming charm?

Sean Grissom001

For more information about Sean Grissom, contact BONGARBIZ at info@bongarbiz.com or (914) 734-1177.

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