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Haitian Drum Virtuoso

Gaston Jean-Baptiste, known as “Bonga”, is a musical virtuoso who has been performing and studying traditional Haitian drum, dance and song since the age of seven. He began playing drums in his family’s peristil in his hometown of Croix-des-Mission in La Plaine, an area of Haiti known for culture and history.

As a core member of the seminal Haitian roots bands, Boukman Eksperyans and Foulà, Bonga was invited to the U.S. in the ’90s when musicians were becoming a strong voice for the Haitian people. Since then, Bonga has continued to play solo and in ensemble and at numerous worldwide venues. He is a featured performer with Grace Jones, Dan Zanes and Urban Tap, to mention a few. His drums opened the NY premiere of the Rolling Stones “Voodoo Lounge” tour and he is prominently featured on recordings by Wyclef Jean and Salif Keita.

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Chunyan Zhou

Astonishing Acrobatics and Artistry

This astounding artist Chunyan Zhou, known by his nickname Ho, is the artistic director now of his own Chinese circus after appearing for almost a decade for Cirque du Soleil. Growing up in Wu Qiao, considered the Chinese hometown for acrobats, Ho considers his acrobatic training rooted in 5000 years of Chinese culture, and 3000 years of acrobatics history.

Based now in Las Vegas, Ho’s troupe presents not only amazing feats of acrobatic artistry, he also orchestrates a captivating duel of Martial Arts segment; Chinese Poles, where 6 acrobats literally run up the sides of 14 ft poles; Chinese Yo-Yo and Hat Juggling; Hoop Diving Charivari, a kind of tumbling ballet of speed and agility; Utter control and flexibility in contortion balancing, a lighted candelabra with feet; Aerial Silks and finally Chair Balancing, pictured here. A Chinese tradition of Circus, lead by Ho, is a cultural WOW-inspiring masterpiece, either produced as full show, or in segments through the evening, to fit into special programming.

The Woman Who Makes You Go Wau!

Tanya Gagne is not just one of the world’s foremost aerial artists, but she is as charmant and lovely on the ground as she is in the air.

Tanya is one half of the world-renowned duo The Wau Wau Sisters, joined by her other half and “sister” Adrienne Truscott. Hysterically comical whether performing as rock stars or gitar-twangin’ Nashville belles, these anti-gravity iron pixies are small stage stars for many a reason.

But Tanya is also a solo performer, pulling out all the stops as Feather and Lady Electra.


Tanya also works with Teen Spirit Animal Squad, a multimedia band-performance group, and Hula Hoop Wars, a performance battle with hooping diva Miss Saturn.


For corporate and group events, Tanya can perform solo or as part of an ensemble with other trapeze artists. She can tailor her performance to your event and is a master of costuming, theatrical expression and comic or dramatic timing.

What is so magical about Tanya is the dazzling combination of her sheer athletic mastery and her amazing ability to communicate with the audience at hand. She can have your audience in stitches or tears by the end of her performance, but either way, your employees’ and friends’ chins will drop down to the basement when witness these soaring routines of somersault after somersault and contortion after contortion.

Tanya can also teach trapeze lessons for beginner to advanced levels on various aerial apparatuses from silks (long silky pieces of fabric) to the lyra (an aerial hoop) to static trapeze (similar to a Tweety bird swing). This is completely appropriate even to those who have never had even one lesson, and makes for a fun and unforgettable experience.

For more information about Tanya Gagne, contact BONGARBIZ at info@bongarbiz.com or (914) 734-1177.

What? Questions on Taxes?

H & R Block exec’s and the public were stopped in their tracks by dancers and our Letter-ologists, creating a Human Street Dancing Logo. These talented dancers, who work with Pilobolus and Fuerza Bruta among others, create custom dance and public performance pieces that are stunning, exciting and unique.

Michael Bongar 30x squared

He stands in front of a wall of photos of himself as a clown, done by artist Roni Horn, at an exhibit at the Whitney Museum.