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Chunyan Zhou

Astonishing Acrobatics and Artistry

This astounding artist Chunyan Zhou, known by his nickname Ho, is the artistic director now of his own Chinese circus after appearing for almost a decade for Cirque du Soleil. Growing up in Wu Qiao, considered the Chinese hometown for acrobats, Ho considers his acrobatic training rooted in 5000 years of Chinese culture, and 3000 years of acrobatics history.

Based now in Las Vegas, Ho’s troupe presents not only amazing feats of acrobatic artistry, he also orchestrates a captivating duel of Martial Arts segment; Chinese Poles, where 6 acrobats literally run up the sides of 14 ft poles; Chinese Yo-Yo and Hat Juggling; Hoop Diving Charivari, a kind of tumbling ballet of speed and agility; Utter control and flexibility in contortion balancing, a lighted candelabra with feet; Aerial Silks and finally Chair Balancing, pictured here. A Chinese tradition of Circus, lead by Ho, is a cultural WOW-inspiring masterpiece, either produced as full show, or in segments through the evening, to fit into special programming.

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