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Wonderful cyberillusionist at Google’s Zeitgeist, good for Corporate Entertainment

This is just pretty cool, and describing process of storytelling too.
Cyberillusionist at Google Zeitgeist

Hey speaking of Festival Entertainment at the Bamboozle Festival at Asbury Park

Bamboozle Festival entertainment

We were there, with some of our fav rave stiltwalkers, love them too. Producer at LiveNation a pal of everyone circus related, which is always fun and incestuous, in that order.Bamboozle Festival entertainment

Fantastic new Festival entertainment!

Glo puppet dragon festival

Our good friends who hop to New York City for music festivals and whatnot, have created this very friendly light-up dragon. They also have some giant El-Wire figures of Dr Molly and some other silly name. Glo puppet dragon festival
Dragon pupet in sunlight

Safari theme event

Lion Head

This is what we recently proposed for a Safari-themed private event in August:
Fantastic Senegalese African Sabar dancer
African drummers
African stiltwalkers
African Puppets, a la the Lion King:
African Beetles
Stilt-walking Antelopes
Lemurs on Bouncing stilts
Monkey Puppet
Painted bodies
AND, finally, Safari animals:
Parrot show
African Elephant, handler and rides
Porcupine (I know)
and Chimp of course…
Some photos:
African Stiltwalker
Safari Bodypainting imageSafari themed Bodypainting
African Stiltwalker Moko JumbiLion Head
African dancersAfrican BEETLESAntelope Lion King like puppetsLion HeadParrot show, meet and greet display greenwing_macaw


Someone’s looking for robots for their corporate party, and of course, BONGARBIZ to the robot rescue. Here are two kinds of wonderful ones we have: