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Safari theme event

Lion Head

This is what we recently proposed for a Safari-themed private event in August:
Fantastic Senegalese African Sabar dancer
African drummers
African stiltwalkers
African Puppets, a la the Lion King:
African Beetles
Stilt-walking Antelopes
Lemurs on Bouncing stilts
Monkey Puppet
Painted bodies
AND, finally, Safari animals:
Parrot show
African Elephant, handler and rides
Porcupine (I know)
and Chimp of course…
Some photos:
African Stiltwalker
Safari Bodypainting imageSafari themed Bodypainting
African Stiltwalker Moko JumbiLion Head
African dancersAfrican BEETLESAntelope Lion King like puppetsLion HeadParrot show, meet and greet display greenwing_macaw

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