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Fabulous and unique live mall shows for Halloween

Halloween Mall shows and performers, Live
Live Halloween Shows & Strolling Performers 2012

Live Unique Shows

Doctor Diabolical Haywire Halloween!
The Doctor is in and takes the audience on a fun-filled ride through some creepy and kooky lab experiments.  With magic, juggling and interactive surprises, the Dr. will have you laughing and gasping for more oxygen — and laughs.
Hey Ya Halloween Live Mall Show

The Super Spooktacular Halloween Show
Dr. Kanevil, a kooky mad scientist and his deadly assistant, Hedda Cadaver, take you on a wacky spooktacular musical adventure.  A spine-tinglingly rockin’ show full of monster mashing, audience participation, and other spooky surprises for all the little goblins at Halloween. (If Dr. Kanevil looks a little like Harry from Cyberchase then it’s because he’s his Halloween cousin…)
Live Halloween Show: Hedda Cadaver Frankenstein and more

Arrrrgh, Arrrrgh, Arrrrgh.-Great Show With Chris the Pirate
It’s Halloween and Chris the Pirate is bound to have an Arrrgh-Great time at the  Christiana Mall. With magic and interactive activities, kids will learn pirate secrets including special handshakes and possible locations of candy treasure. Kids enjoy pirate lessons, with a mix of humor and sight gags.
Halloween Live Pirate Mall show

Wizard Academy
The Bumbling Professor Hackensneeze comes from the Hogwarts Academy to lead the children in a ‘day in the life’ of a Wizard in Training.
Harry Potter Mall Show Wizard Training

Wild West Halloween Jamboree
Cowboy Keith and Miss Philly show a humorous look at how cowboys wrangle up their treats with tricks including sing-alongs, plenty of audience participation and a display of western skills which include target whip cracking, knife throwing and fancy rope spinning.
Live Western Show Mall Halloween

Halloween Tricks-n-Treats
Have a frightfully funny Halloween with the two Circus Witches stage show!  These adorably spooky variety entertainers will entertain with amazing circus skills such as balancing on balls, juggling knives and can even eat fire.  They mix up a potion of amazing and mystical magic tricks in gorgeous Halloween costumes.  With audience participation, a hand painted backdrop and all your favorite Halloween music.
Halloween Mall Live Shows Witches

Headless Horseman
Cirq Mini puts a comic spin on this classic Halloween character with mini life- sized body puppet horses and wearing classic, colorful Halloween costumes.  The “headless horseman” runs into comical situations using magic, puppets and interactive fun.
Live Mall Puppet Show for Halloween

The Hey-Ya Brothers Missing Candy Mystery
Join the Hey-Ya Brothers for a super spooky and silly celebration of Chris Hey-Ya’s Favorite holiday, Halloween! But when Chris Hey-Ya’s Halloween candy is missing no one is safe from his slapstick detective work. Packed with circus skills, music, magic, thrills, and chills this whodunit is frightfully funny! Ghosts, ghouls, and candy bandits are no match for this gumshoe with a sweet tooth.
Dave Levitan’s Halloween Magic Show, Treating the audience to interactive comedy and exciting tricks.
Hey ya Brothers Juggle Live Mall Show

Not So Scary Stories by Franee
Storyteller and Clown Franee pleases audiences of all ages. Interactive storytelling incorporating magic, comedy and puppets. 
Live Mall Show Halloween African American Clown

Transformation Face Painting Show
Christopher Agostino tells stories and brings audience members up and paints amazing images on their faces. Everyone joins in, playing parts in these tales by becoming animals and other creatures and transforming themselves.
Live facepainting Mall Show for Halloweenclose-up facepainting at the malltransformational facepainting at the mall transformations facepainting at the mall live show

Marionette Menagerie
Addis Williams, a puppet master, brings the stage to life with his magical marionettes and puppets.  Addis’s menageries of lovable friends are delightful to children of all ages.
Live Marionette Mall Puppet Show

Halloween Magic Show
Treating the audience to interactive comedy and exciting tricks, this Magic Halloween magician recipe combines magical expertise with a marvelous sense of humor for an unforgettable show that has proven entertaining for viewers of all ages. His strolling acts are mesmerizing and comical and are sure to have everyone thoroughly captivated.

Scary Halloween characters strolling at the mall

Strolling “Trick-n-Treat” Performers

The Balloon Meisters
Balloon-making Clown(s) will sculpt fun animals and hats.

Stilt Walking Witches

Stilt Walking Scarecrow


The Beast

Strolling Musician                                                                 

Strolling Puppeteer

Life-Size Puppets

Face Painters
 Artistic and fun face painting. 

Cute witch applies temporary tattoos.



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