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Projection-mapping for corporate entertainment at AFR Design Spark Showcase

Video Projected on Dancers

With dancers adding movement to background screens, here’s an example of a rounded image with dancer:

white angel dancer3

What’s up for Holiday party entertainment from planners in 2013?

Since you’re curious, here are 10 things event planners have booked since we met you at BIZBASH.

IPad caricature

IPad caricatures for the big screen
(and to text/email or take home)

Salvador Dali artists for events

Both Caricaturists and Facepainters, Tarot and Palm readers dressing up in Dali impressionistic wear

Beat boxer

Talented NYC Beatboxer

Circus acts Burlesque

Beautifully costumed circus stilt walkers, aerialists and more


Aerial Holiday acrobats

Beautiful stilt walkers

Beautiful and talented black and white stilt walkers


She’s the DJ that DJs go out to see

Mentalism and magic

Mentalism and science expert

BizBash IdeaFest Los Angeles 2013: BONGARBIZ plays 20 interview questions w/Cara Kleinhaut at Caravents

Caravents event production technology












Those thought leaders at BizBash Ideafest Los Angeles 2013  asked BONGARBIZ to speak to Cara Kleinhaut, CEO of Caravents, a featured speaker at the BizBash Event Innovation Forum conference in Los Angeles, Wednesday, June 19, 2013, about her Innovator’s topic, “Amplify: Integrating Social Media in Your Event Design.” http://www.bizbash.com/bizbash-events/idea-fest/2013/los-angeles/details/?n1=233

Caravents is the event production technology pro of event production technology professionals, creating high-concept environments, multi-media and technology-driven installations, live broadcast and press conference production for clients such as Target, HBO, Time Inc and Elle. They just won #ISES Big Apple Awards! Best Corporate or Assn Event (Budget over $150,000) And the winner is: @Caravents

We asked Cara Kleinhaut to play 20 event-tech questions with us for the answer to the burning BizBash IdeaFest Innovator’s question: How do we amplify our events by integrating social media?

What event has Caravents done that you are proudest of, where the event was “amplified” with social media? What kind of social media did you use?

One event we are really proud of is Target’s Unite in Service event. We produced with 10,000 guests during the Presidential Inauguration weekend in DC this year. We set up pre-programmed, branded social photo stations at multiple locations around the event for guests to share their experience. All #hashtags and @handles were pre-programmed, share screens branded, so Target’s messaging along with the correct @handles of all the event partners and the event #hashtag etc. were listed correctly and we could track true metrics post event.

How did you measure the results?

We were able to track mentions from all featured @handles and #hashtag usage, along with uploads/shares directly from the stations.

What did you learn by doing this, in other words, the sage advice you can offer your same and newer clients now?

Create multiple, branded social touch points around the event and pre-program the messaging with correct @handles and #hashtags. We want to avoid “pilot error” when guests have to type in all the right information. It’s not enough to put up a sign with @handles and #hashtags and expect people to use them. We have to create engaging, fun (and branded!) social stations for guests to share their experience at the event with all their friends/fans/followers outside the walls of the venue.

What other forms of social media have you used to amplify your events?

As many as possible! FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Livestream is also a forum for social sharing.

Any favorites?

FB, Twitter and Instagram as that is what guests and their friends are checking anyhow, hourly! Also, the makers of these platforms are becoming more aware of how to integrate better into live events and starting to see how valuable live events can be as place for social activity on their platforms. But still, FB still sees the most traffic. I do find that more social influencers are using Instagram.

And live streaming allows people from all over to be a “fly on the wall” to events they normally would not have access to. With #hashtags we can even have them participate.

Are there any forms of social media you stay away from?

IT’s about reach -we really stick to what consumers/guests are using the most to reach the most people from our event.

Any you haven’t used yet?

I’m sure. I just don’t know yet!

Any event experience you’d like to do or try, with social media and/or related event technology?

I’d like to see more customized apps for events. I think it’s a great way to get guests talking about a new product, allowing them to download photos, incentives to buy post event, share about the brand right from their device, and use the app in fun ways around the event. For one event, a customized app was created for ordering desserts from the bar to guest seating areas. I’ve never seen so many people ordering dessert! Why? It was fun to use the app in the event.

Anything you fear from using social media in the design of an event?

No – as it is all about experience. This is the modern day version of “Shouting from the Rooftops” that you are having a great time with a brand/person/place etc. It’s about sharing excitement and enthusiasm.

In the media this week (the New York Times that is) social weddings are described where cell phones are turned in at the door, the anti-amplification of an event. How do you handle this? 

For a wedding I totally agree! There is an appropriate place for all of this. A wedding is an entirely different type of gathering that is supposed to be intimate and one where you want your guests totally focused on the wedding taking place. This is geared toward corporate, branded, commercial experiences. However, having some fun social stations (photos, voting etc) in the reception is not all that bad!

Do you ever encounter guests who don’t have a cell phone or need to be educated in how to use social media?

No. It is OK if not every single person engages. The idea is to tap into who we call “Social Influencers” those with thousands of friends/fans/followers. These are the tastemakers/influencers who set the trends and tell everyone else what to like, wear, where to go etc. in their given circle. They are extremely valuable to activate at an event to spread your message! Remember we are 10x more likely to be influenced by our friends than a celebrity endorsement. Thus, the power of social.

How do you handle this, in other words, a guest’s techno-phobia?

Not everyone has to engage. It’s about the right people engaging.

If I were an event producer who was a secret techno-phobe, where would you recommend where I could come out of my event production technology closet and learn about social media? (Hey, they can come to your Innovator’s Session, right?)

Not a bad idea! Not all companies can do all things. Know what you are good in, and find partners who can fill in where you are weaker. We CAN work together!

Do you incorporate social media with your broadcast production, and if so, how? If not, how do you see this being incorporated? 

Yes, for Caesars Total Rewards Launch, which we just won a Big Apple Award for in NY (very exciting) that was broadcast live between four cities and streamed on multiple websites and FB pages of the event hosts, artists and sponsors. On site bloggers and social media reporters tweeted, posted, pinned and instagrammed throughout the night, from all four cities. The social impressions from this event were in the hundreds of millions.

Do you ever pay to advertise your own event production company on social media and if so how successful do you think it’s been? 

Our business is entirely word of mouth and reputation based. We are really grateful for organizations like Bizbash for giving people like us a voice.

Do you recommend paying for advertising for an event production company or planner on one social media channel over another, say Twitter over Facebook, etc? 

I would advocate spend the money creating engaging content that your potential clients will think is relevant and interesting rather than advertising.

Is there anything about any of social media channels that you’d like change for the better (and therefore you deserve a patent for)?

Ah, well, I’m not at liberty to say!

Any guesses on what the event technology for social media in the future will be?

I believe we will start seeing more RFID and NFC worked into events, and not just large festivals like Bonaroo. We want sharing to be seamless, easy and fast. The less guests have to use their own devices, the better. I think now that we, in events, finally have metrics to share we can show how an event experience brings value to a brand. Events, in my view, have new meaning as we have already gone through the trouble to invest money to create a well thought out environment, great food/beverage, good service, entertainment, branding, decor, and experience – so let’s activate everyone socially and allow them to share their fantastic experience!

Just adding a link to Production Hub as a Casting Resource

Listed on ProductionHUB.com in <a href=”http://www.productionhub.com/directory/listings.aspx?cat_id=216&amp;country_id=1&amp;state_id=3185″>Casting Directors in New York</a>

Cool corporate holiday party ideas inspired by clients, who want something different

corporate party air guitar artist


Typical office worker left reveals herself as the National Air Guitar champion she is…










Something different with Pearls?
Living Human Statue Fountain Pearls Party



Living Human Statue Fountain








Something sexy with Pearls but discreet enough for corporate?
Pearls Girl corporate party


The Pearl Girl for a Liquor Brand






Unique Solo Musician for Cocktails?
Unique Solo Musician for Corporate Holiday party



An Eclectic Chanteuse & Accordion Player






A Different kind of Percussionist?
Human Beatboxer for Corporate party


A Beatbox champion and incredible vocalist





A Different kind of DJ?
vintage dj for corporate holiday party



Vintage DJ who spins 40s, 50s and even some 2010s








A female Dance Troupe?
Female Hip Hop and Breakdance troupe



Girls Hip-Hop and Breakdance troupe, Lincoln Center quality





Holiday party Digital Graffiti Wall Digital Graffiti Wall sample photo









A digital Graffiti Wall



…& Games?
Neon Ping Pong Table for Holiday party



Neon Ping Pong Table for Holiday party

Not Your Father’s Corporate Holiday Entertainment this year — try these 5 event entertainment ideas instead!

Living artLiving Decor and EntertainmentChanukah Entertainment and Decor

Not Your Father’s Corporate Entertainment – or your typical Holiday decor for that matter!
Delight your guests with surprising twists, and here’s five ideas that fit the bill.

Unique Corporate Holiday party female DJ

#1 – Fabulous female DJ and VJ

She’s a mainstay on the cool, hip Club scene and thoroughly Williamsburg. She gets the ‘it’ of the event, provides playlists galore, and she’s a performer and Emcee to boot.





Fabulous Corporate entertainer and Female magician

#2 – Fantastic female Magician

Funny too, and a “master-ess” of sleight-of-hand. She trumps even the best of the guys, and can teach her tricks at the same time. Great for cocktails and even for getting her just desserts.





*Channukah entertainment Comedy characters
#3 – Your Fav Saturday Night Live characters, like Hannukah Harry!
Impersonators and comedy character actors can create a range of your favorite characters, whether from your fav tv show or royal family. We don’t stop with politicians either.




Crystal Ball reader, corporate psychic entertainment
#4 – Strolling Psychic and Mentalist
She’s a wonder of divinations, and so accurate with fortunes for the upcoming year, our clients ask for her year after year. She reads tarot cards to crystal balls to Holiday chocolate divinations (call us and we’ll tell you what the heck this is…).




Comedy Variety artists for Chanukah
#5- Customized Holiday comedy from Variety Artists galore
Comedians to burlesque artists to jugglers to sword swallowers, our variety artists can be customized to fit the Holiday bill. Fantastic opportunities abound with contemporary comics, too.

Latest 7 Corporate Holiday Entertainment concepts other Event producers are considering in 2012

Live Carnival Fortune teller booth

#2 – “Future-telling” Fortunetellers

Tarot card readers, palmists, handwriting analysts, tea leaf readers, runes and I’Ching throwers/tellers, lipstick readers — and yes, this live Carnival Fortune-telling booth cyrstal ball reader, left – all these kind of futurists read every guest’s aspect for the upcoming year.

Human Snow Globe

#3 – The Life-size Human Snow Globe

A fantastic, beautiful, Cirque-style acrobatic Snow Queen in her life-size Snow Globe, amazes and excites, in our instance, the Holiday-seeking public. Different costume choices and choreography and routines are available as well as the overall concept of the Snow Globe.

Digital Ventriloquist

#4 – Digital Ventriloquist/Comedian

Via IPads or flat-screens, this entertainer and his live screen integrates hilarious and fun “digital dummies” from celebrities to CEOs, putting an array of personalities into the party for awards and prizes. Our top, talented ventriloquist (from America’s Got Talent) pushes the comedy envelope to the edge, cleanly and appropriately that no one wants to leave.

Living Art Silver Landscape

#5 – Living Holiday Silver Landscape

Also available in gold, this Living Art Silver Landscape creates a brilliant lighting background as well as huge excitement by the living and interactive nature of all the pieces. Beautiful and buzzworthy, these living tableauxs cause the cell phones to come out, flashes and images of the decor that are readily passed around as a goregeous record of the event.

Great Corporate 80s Cover Band

#6 – Great 80s Tribute Band
It’s not only about the feathered bangs and shoulder pads — it’s the quality of this cover band that makes them one of New England’s top favorites. The theme is backed up by the great song list and performers.

New-York-Theme party entertainment

#7 – New York theme Glamour Girls!

From left: It’s Miss NYC Taxi, Miss Chyrsler Buiding, Miss Empire State Building and a glamorous, sequined Miss Statue of Liberty to make the New York Holiday theme literally come alive. Wonderful costumes and interactive performers, a must for every New York themed event.

Will the best Lady GaGa impersonator/look-alike please stand up?

We faced a conundrum: two very talented Lady GaGa impersonators/look-alikes, both triple threats — singers, dancers, actors — and great promo videos so… we let the client pick. She loved them but ultimately “too big” for her house party birthday party.

Fabulous and unique live mall shows for Halloween

Halloween Mall shows and performers, Live
Live Halloween Shows & Strolling Performers 2012

Live Unique Shows

Doctor Diabolical Haywire Halloween!
The Doctor is in and takes the audience on a fun-filled ride through some creepy and kooky lab experiments.  With magic, juggling and interactive surprises, the Dr. will have you laughing and gasping for more oxygen — and laughs.
Hey Ya Halloween Live Mall Show

The Super Spooktacular Halloween Show
Dr. Kanevil, a kooky mad scientist and his deadly assistant, Hedda Cadaver, take you on a wacky spooktacular musical adventure.  A spine-tinglingly rockin’ show full of monster mashing, audience participation, and other spooky surprises for all the little goblins at Halloween. (If Dr. Kanevil looks a little like Harry from Cyberchase then it’s because he’s his Halloween cousin…)
Live Halloween Show: Hedda Cadaver Frankenstein and more

Arrrrgh, Arrrrgh, Arrrrgh.-Great Show With Chris the Pirate
It’s Halloween and Chris the Pirate is bound to have an Arrrgh-Great time at the  Christiana Mall. With magic and interactive activities, kids will learn pirate secrets including special handshakes and possible locations of candy treasure. Kids enjoy pirate lessons, with a mix of humor and sight gags.
Halloween Live Pirate Mall show

Wizard Academy
The Bumbling Professor Hackensneeze comes from the Hogwarts Academy to lead the children in a ‘day in the life’ of a Wizard in Training.
Harry Potter Mall Show Wizard Training

Wild West Halloween Jamboree
Cowboy Keith and Miss Philly show a humorous look at how cowboys wrangle up their treats with tricks including sing-alongs, plenty of audience participation and a display of western skills which include target whip cracking, knife throwing and fancy rope spinning.
Live Western Show Mall Halloween

Halloween Tricks-n-Treats
Have a frightfully funny Halloween with the two Circus Witches stage show!  These adorably spooky variety entertainers will entertain with amazing circus skills such as balancing on balls, juggling knives and can even eat fire.  They mix up a potion of amazing and mystical magic tricks in gorgeous Halloween costumes.  With audience participation, a hand painted backdrop and all your favorite Halloween music.
Halloween Mall Live Shows Witches

Headless Horseman
Cirq Mini puts a comic spin on this classic Halloween character with mini life- sized body puppet horses and wearing classic, colorful Halloween costumes.  The “headless horseman” runs into comical situations using magic, puppets and interactive fun.
Live Mall Puppet Show for Halloween

The Hey-Ya Brothers Missing Candy Mystery
Join the Hey-Ya Brothers for a super spooky and silly celebration of Chris Hey-Ya’s Favorite holiday, Halloween! But when Chris Hey-Ya’s Halloween candy is missing no one is safe from his slapstick detective work. Packed with circus skills, music, magic, thrills, and chills this whodunit is frightfully funny! Ghosts, ghouls, and candy bandits are no match for this gumshoe with a sweet tooth.
Dave Levitan’s Halloween Magic Show, Treating the audience to interactive comedy and exciting tricks.
Hey ya Brothers Juggle Live Mall Show

Not So Scary Stories by Franee
Storyteller and Clown Franee pleases audiences of all ages. Interactive storytelling incorporating magic, comedy and puppets. 
Live Mall Show Halloween African American Clown

Transformation Face Painting Show
Christopher Agostino tells stories and brings audience members up and paints amazing images on their faces. Everyone joins in, playing parts in these tales by becoming animals and other creatures and transforming themselves.
Live facepainting Mall Show for Halloweenclose-up facepainting at the malltransformational facepainting at the mall transformations facepainting at the mall live show

Marionette Menagerie
Addis Williams, a puppet master, brings the stage to life with his magical marionettes and puppets.  Addis’s menageries of lovable friends are delightful to children of all ages.
Live Marionette Mall Puppet Show

Halloween Magic Show
Treating the audience to interactive comedy and exciting tricks, this Magic Halloween magician recipe combines magical expertise with a marvelous sense of humor for an unforgettable show that has proven entertaining for viewers of all ages. His strolling acts are mesmerizing and comical and are sure to have everyone thoroughly captivated.

Scary Halloween characters strolling at the mall

Strolling “Trick-n-Treat” Performers

The Balloon Meisters
Balloon-making Clown(s) will sculpt fun animals and hats.

Stilt Walking Witches

Stilt Walking Scarecrow


The Beast

Strolling Musician                                                                 

Strolling Puppeteer

Life-Size Puppets

Face Painters
 Artistic and fun face painting. 

Cute witch applies temporary tattoos.



Wonderful cyberillusionist at Google’s Zeitgeist, good for Corporate Entertainment

This is just pretty cool, and describing process of storytelling too.
Cyberillusionist at Google Zeitgeist