Acts & Artists

BONGARBIZ really is the Live Entertainment Wikipedia of acts and artists.  Whether you’re looking for your corporate party, or you're simply a Letterman fan, we'll help you find exactly the right act. For your right fit. It’s what we do.

  • New-York-Theme party entertainment


    These are more than pretty party girls: All guests love their photos snapped along side of them.

  • Human Snow Globe

    Human Snow Globe

    A fantastic, beautiful, Cirque-style acrobat in her life-size Snow Globe, amazes and excites.

  • Living Silver Art

    Event entertainment and decor and a visual stunner with lighting effects.

  • Digital Ventriloquist

    Digital ventriloquist

    Talk of the town when he made Howie Mandel his dummy puppet on America’s Got Talent.

  • Great Corporate 80s Cover Band

    Great 80s Cover Band

    These guys are fantastic dance and listening band, who makes you want to dig through the closet for those shoulder pads.

  • Real Broadway Stars

    Liz Calloway, custom solo shows, and more incredible talent from the Great White Way.

  • David Shiner

    A world-class performer, and director of course, puts on an amazing, unique corporate act.

  • So very cool

    Wonderful performer and dancer from venues like the Lido in Paris and Tigerpalast Variete Theatre.

  • Chainsaw Juggler

    This major stuntman juggles chainsaws, fire bolos, and anything dangerous, really.

  • Fire Stilt Dancers

    With fire art costumes, fire stilt dancers create moving fiery imagery.

  • International Dancers

    Culturally authentic, our dance groups range from Irish Steppers to German Schuhplattlers.

  • Russian Dancers

    These incredibly costumed, authentic dancers present some exhilarating Russian dance.

  • Electric Violinist

    Extreme visual beauty of performing with plexiglas violin, classical and versatile.

  • “Green” Musicians

    Upcycle your music with these original musicians with original, handmade instruments.

  • Grinder Girl

    Grinder Girl

    She takes a metal grinder to her metal bustier, for a stream of sparks that don’t require permit.

  • Burmese Python Spike

    A Burmese Python performer who loves to be cradled and charmed, of course.

  • Hula Hoop girl

    She’s an entertaining dazzler, with her dozens of hula-hoops, and even unicycle if needed.

  • Target Roper

    Man of Old West and sideshow, a Target roper, and truly a “whip-star.”

  • Singing Poodles

    A winsome trio of canines, these singing poodles are truly entertaining crooners.

  • Contortion Juggler

    We have every kind of juggler, like a contortion juggler, nobody’s favorite kind!

  • Boomeranger


    This boomeranger throws with humor, agility and grace, with boomerangs soft and foam-like.

  • Big Balls of juice

    Big Balls of juice

    He’s young, lively, and almost like a human cartoon, balancing and interacting with large balls.

  • Balloon Beauty

    Balloon sculptress

    She’s a character balloon sculptress with aplomb, interactive and fun.

  • Poodle trainer

    Quirky and cute, this Russian poodle trainer runs and cajoles his hilarious canine clowns.

  • NY’s Best Mariachi’s

    They just play and sound the best, and they scaled the sign of the Ed Sullivan Theatre for Dave.

  • Eclectic Musician

    Wry and versatile musician, he wears different costumes and moods for whatever’s needed.

  • Skilled Showman

    Skilled Showman

    Sideshow-er, storyteller, magician and conjurer,  a fav of the legendary Jonathon Winters.

  • Bouncing Stilts

    He’s a man-of-mischief, comic stunts and special effects, and even bouncing stilts.


    Not Anything

    Despite his magic coloring book from 1976, Dave and Paul’s favorite nothing.

  • Grandma Clown

    America and Bongarbiz’s favorite clown, so he’s definitely a “clown’s clown clown.”

  • Daredevil Clown

    He’s a stadium stuntman and clown, an arena-sized presence and showman.

  • French Daredevil

    He has a tiny bike presence but a huge funny and French performing presence.

  • Flying Trapeze

    Amazing speed and precise agility, these flying trap artists take it fast, high and exciting, to the limit.

  • Henna tattoos

    Authentic Indian Mehandi artists create intricate temporary henna tattoo’s, truly a work of art.

  • Hand Balancer, more

    A delightful hand-balancer, plate spinner and even foot juggler.

  • Hula-Hoop Act

    Vibrant, thriving hula-hoop act, in addition to unicycle and poodle tricks segments.

  • Quick change

    Dazzling and truly breathtaking high-energy transformations, one of America’s Got Talent fav’s too.

  • Giant Wheel

    A gigantic Circus Wheel of wonder, done with increasing speed and high agility.

  • High-wire motorcycle

    WOW, beauties, bikes and high-wire, this act calls for circus cheering and gasps of delight.

  • Motorcycle Globe

    Coined the Globe of Death, tension builds from the bikes buzzing and increasing speeds.

  • Six-story sway poles

    Six-story sway poles create more than a delicate balance of skill and mastery in scaling such height.

  • Nation’s greatest

    America’s greatest female ringmistress, with winning talents and love of circus.

  • Chair Stack

    Breathtaking height, dramatic focus and acrobatic precision, brings this act to the top.

  • Cube spinner

    Dazzling strength, precise skill and acrobatic grace marks this large, fluid visual act.

  • Amazing Aerial

    An aerial serenade of silks, passion, acrobatics and astounding movement.

  • Circus Porcupine Act

    Porcupine act

    No doubt one of the best Circus Porcupine acts there is, has been and will ever be.

  • Comedy Dogs

    The clowns have gone to the dogs, dogs to the clowns, and the audience for the dogs and clown.

  • Circus ponies

    Freddy the dancing pony and his herd of literal hoofers, led a beautiful, gifted performer.

  • Circus Dog Star

    Another circus dog rock star, led by the beautiful and gifted trainer of ponies and porcupines.

  • Vaudevillianous Variety

    The best alternative, contemporary circus, sideshow, variety and original circus music.

  • Cigar Box Juggler

    Young, top-drawer comedy juggler and performer, just a love for circus audiences.

  • Ukulele Rollerskater

    Very funny, roller skater ukulele-playing hipster, she does some amazing stunts on those skates.

  • Comedy slack-wire

    Young, comedy slack-wire artist, a Ringling Bros comedy guy and really good act.

  • Wing-Man

    Fabulous silent interactive clown – we’re producing his one-man theatrical show.

  • Electric Violinist

    Gorgeous plexiglass electric Violinist plays classical, covers and original material.

  • Musical Tribute

    She’s an original songwriter and singer of parodies, tributes and roasts. A Paul Newman favorite from the Hole-in-the-Wall gang fundraisers.

  • Fun Paper Hat maker

    A “Factory” of artisans make original, funny hats from paper plates – with or w/o a very humourous, interactive performer.

  • Fabulous Balloons

    Hats and swords are just the beginning: custom creations and takeaways possible too (one of Letterman’s fav acts too).

  • Original Violinist

    Yes, another electric violinist: original and creative, with extraordinary performing vitality.

  • From Teen Vogue

    Couture DUMBO nail artist who really does nail styling as works of art and one-of-a-kind.

  • Talented Actor-Clown

    He’s made a mark at Cirque, Big Apple Circus and several Off-Broadway hits.

  • Chinese poles

    Fantastic, one-of-a-kind Chinese pole artists who climb and dance in tandem.

  • Hand balancers

    Amazing ex-Cirque hand balancers and human statue act, this duo is one of the greatest.

  • Unicycle Basketball act

    High-energy comedy stunts on unicycles, from the first African-American act on Ringling Bros.

  • Sweet Sixteen balloons

    Cool balloon art and clothing

  • Mini Gaga

    Mini-Britney, Mini-Beyonce, Mini Gaga — a performer with giant sized singing and dancing talent.

  • Drill Baby Drill

    Baby Drill Baby Drill… he’s a gnarly sideshow show guy among other things.

  • Nose to mouth

    Swords, fire and balloon smelling and swallowing, where will it end…?

  • Bearded Lady

    She’s a talented variety artist who can bend more than gender…

  • Staple Gun

    A whole new form of sideshow attachment, the staple gun post-it note.

  • Break the lock

    Yes, he can break the lock with a few simple licks too.

  • Lightbulb eater

    A delicacy, literally, this performer is a master of the midway and sideshow.

  • Screwdriver swallower

    Eating utensils and some tall tools, this performer — and you — will never be the same.

  • Bed of Nails

    Goodnight, sweet dreams… which is what you had before this sideshow.

  • Snake Charmer

    The snake, the audience– everyone is truly charmed.

  • Girl Jumps Out of Cake

    With a lot of Burlesque love!

  • Custom Song & Dance

    Customized personal song with dancers, in a fanciful, choreographed presentation, makes for unforgettable special celebration.

  • Electric Violinist too

    How will you make the best choice? You call us that’s how…

  • Couture Dancers

    Interactive Chandeliers and dance routines

  • Wedding Harpist

    Beautiful and talented

  • Sand artist

    Visual projections of creative sand pictures – from Cirque du Soleil production

  • Best NYC Social Band

    Talented, versatile, heralded

  • WOW Quartet

    Classical, Jazz, Blues- not your grandparents wedding quartet either

  • Great Listening

    and Dancing and someone you’ll love so much you’ll download them later

  • Wedding Decor

    And photo opportunity – creates another wedding photo opportunity for guests too

  • Wedding Decor

    Another surprising, interactive aspect to decor and entertainment- a creative way to hand-out gifts or notes

  • Wedding Decor

    For outside wedding decor — see also the Living Art Environments section on this web site

  • Winter Wedding

    Wonderful winter wedding options

  • Wedding Origami

    Wedding Origami art from original, authentic artists

  • Wedding Body art

    Beautiful custom couture designs

  • Aromatherapy

    Perfume-making and aromatherapy artists

  • Authentic Henna artists

    Authentic, warm and wonderful Mehandi Indian Henna artists

  • Wedding-centerpiece-Living Human Candle

    Living Candle

    Beautiful living centerpiece, great point of focus

  • Birthday dancers

    Surprise or as entertainment entree

  • Cool DeeJay duo

    Cool, hip, eclectic, duo dressers and spinners

  • Bodypainted costumes

    Latex bodypainted costumes, for the guests of honor, dancers or waitstaff

  • Brazilian band

    Brazilian carnivale parade band and dancers

  • Chaulk art photo opp

    3-D Customized pavement or mural art for guests photo opps

  • Speed Painter

    An unknown portrait until turned upside down and revealed as the guest-of-honor – see Acts & Artists for Corporate Event producers too.

  • Face/Bodypainting

    Most talented face and body painters give guests a variety of original choices.

  • Airbrush facepainting

    Creative 4-minute airbrush designs are done safely, with added jewels and feathers.

  • Candy artist

    Deliciously visual, these candy creations are astounding to watch being made.

  • Interactive Origami

    Authentic performing origami artist, demonstrates origami techniques, hands out origami ornaments too.

  • Glow-in-dark tattoos

    Glowing designs are pretty in the light and out of it, and are available as glow-in-the-dark costumes too.

  • On-the-spot novel

    One minute novel of the celebrant’s life, written by our novelist dressed as journalist or simple scribe, with an Underwood typewriter around his neck,

  • Creative gifts

    Jewelery and sports bling made from pipe cleaners. Creative and fun to make on the spot, and take home.

  • Personal Roast

    A very funny and personal roast written and led by a professional comedian. Several formats available.

  • Keepsake party gift

    Special personal party gift: a personal caricature sculpture (like the old Chaplin statues) by a talented artist, painted or not.

  • Keepsake party gift

    A caricature either of the celebrant and/or colleagues, friends and family. A favorite keepsake gift of many, framed or not.

  • Retirement song

    A talented Sinatra impersonator makes a surprise appearance to sing, “I did it MY WAY…”

  • Live Fortune Teller Booth

    Fortuneteller Booth

    An authentic, live psychic tells fortune from the booth.

  • Cuban cigar roller

    Custom blend and personalized cigar tag

  • Cigarette/Cigar girls

    Cute, adorable Cigarette girls can hand out candies and breath mints too

  • Pipe Cleaner jewelry

    Cool designs and accessories

  • Cool DeeJay

    She’s ultra-hot and ultra-cool, international favorite

  • Cool female Deejay too

    She’s really funny, nice and the ultimate spinner

  • Lady candle

    Cool and different, living centerpiece

  • Pipe Cleaner cool

    Some cool jewelry designs too

  • Glitter tattoos

    Get them in glitter with temporary body jewels too

  • Perfume making

    Aromatherapy where everyone learns the basics of the qualities of essential oils, mixing their favorite blend as a take-home gift

  • Silver Tree

  • Marine tribute

  • Hollywood

  • Carnivale

  • Hall of History

  • Hall of Presidents

  • Hall of Scientists

  • Hall of Heroes

  • Vintage Sports gallery

  • Living Monuments

  • Temple Guardians

  • Living Egyptian Temple

  • Living Museum

  • Autumn season

  • Summer Season

  • Mardi Gras

  • Valentine’s Day

  • Winter Holidays

  • Asian Garden