Theatrical Producing

Two exciting theatrical projects in development

ECOS REX: The new energy circus
A Broadway show/Cirque du Soleil live entertainment disruptor: a traveling circus and exploratorium about renewable forms of energy impacting our climate change crisis. In creative development with the forward-thinking, new technology performance artist Natasha Tsakos as director, ECOS REX is immersive, hands-on heightened and exciting “edutainment” that takes performance to the next level.


BONGARBIZ has had the honor of working with some extraordinary artists, especially over the last 20 years. One of those artists, Mark Gindick, has worked and developed his talent to the extent that we made a plan to produce his extraordinary show Wing-Man Off-Broadway. Wing-Man is an audience-interactive, 70-minute show, about a guy searching for a date and true love on social media, without one word spoken. It’s a contemporary update of Chaplin’s Modern Times, a modern clown trying to make sense of our rapidly growing technology of the 21st century.
Please visit the Wing-Man web site by clicking the web site below: